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FOX NEWS: Two Cabinet Level Officials Supported McCabe’s “Coup” Against Trump!


More major announcements are rocking D.C. today as a new report from Fox News adds to the Andrew McCabe bombshell revelations.  

Earlier this week it was revealed that McCabe had discussions about removing President Trump from office under the guise of the 25th Amendment.

Many quickly saw this for what it was and labeled it a coup attempt.  (aka “treason”)

From Conservative Review:

Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s book tour began with a “60 minutes” interview this week in which he confirmed that he commenced an effort to remove President Trump from office, citing his concerns with the president’s supposed ties to Russia, for which no evidence has ever surfaced.

Citing several thoroughly debunked Russian collusion narratives, McCabe, under the impression that President Trump was somehow compromised as commander in chief, attempted to gather votes inside the administration to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office.

In a “60 minutes” preview clip, McCabe forwarded the baseless conspiracy theory that President Trump won the election with the assistance of the Kremlin. 

“I was speaking to the man who had just run for the presidency and won the election for the presidency. And who might have done so with the aid of the government of Russia, our most formidable adversary on the world stage,” McCabe said during the interview. “And that was something that troubled me greatly.”

Putting aside that Russia is not “our most formidable adversary” (it’s China, by a mile), to date, not a single piece of evidence has emerged that the “Russia case” was anything but a complete hoax based on opposition research sourced to anonymous Russians that was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“I wanted to make sure that our case was on solid ground and if somebody came in behind me and closed it and tried to walk away from it, they would not be able to do that without creating a record of why they made that decision,” McCabe continued.

Unfortunately for McCabe, there was no “solid ground” to be found. The Russia investigation came up entirely empty, and the FBI bureaucrats’ leak-and-smear campaigns were not enough to oust the duly elected president through other means.

And the president was not even behind McCabe’s ultimate removal from his post. The former FBI deputy director was fired after a Department of Justice internal probe found that he committed gross misconduct on multiple occasions. The devastating report found that McCabe lied under oath several times. That wasn’t all. He also attempted to sabotage his own FBI colleagues for his personal leaks to the media. McCabe later excused his activity, claiming his lies under oath were a result of the “chaos inside the FBI under siege from [President] Trump and his allies.” Currently, McCabe is under a Department of Justice-authorized grand jury investigation.

Per WND, McCabe later tried to "walk back" the coup story:

Amid charges he was part of an attempted “coup,” a spokeswoman for Andrew McCabe contended Friday that the fired FBI deputy director’s comments in a “60 Minutes” interview were “misrepresented.”

Spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz insisted he never took part in any “extended” discussions about a proposal to remove Trump by invoking the 25th Amendment.

“Certain statements made by Mr. McCabe, in interviews associated with the release of his book, have been taken out of context and misrepresented,” Schwartz said.

“To clarify, at no time did Mr. McCabe participate in any extended discussions about the use of the 25th Amendment, nor is he aware of such discussions.”

“He was present and participated in a discussion that included a comment by Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein regarding the 25th Amendment,” she said. “This anecdote was not included in ‘The Threat,’ Mr. McCabe has merely confirmed a discussion that was initially reported elsewhere.”

McCabe is promoting an upcoming book, “The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump.”

No joke

The former FBI official told CBS that discussions were held on “whether the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment.”

And when Pelley recounted the interview in an appearance Thursday on “CBS This Morning,” he said McCabe and other officials “were counting noses, they were not asking cabinet members whether they would vote for or against removing the president, but they were speculating ‘This person would be with us. That person would not be.”“This was not perceived to be a joke,” he said.

Dershowitz: ‘clearly an attempted coup’

McCabe, according to Pelley, said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s proposal to wear a wire in meetings with President Trump also was not a joke. It was so serious, he said, it was discussed with FBI attorneys.

Rosenstein has denied McCabe’s claims, saying, “Based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment.”

Harvard emeritus law professor Alan Dershowitz told the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Thursday night that if McCabe’s claims are true, there was “clearly an attempted coup d’etat.”

“Any justice department official who even mentioned the 25th Amendment in the context of President Trump has committed a grievous offense against the Constitution,” he said.

Dershowitz explained the 25th Amendment was meant for a case of physical incapacity such as the stroke President Woodrow Wilson suffered at the end of his presidency in 1921.

Impeachment is the constitutional process set apart for removing a president, he noted.

“Trying to use the 25th Amendment to circumvent the impeachment provisions, or to circumvent an election,” Dershowitz said, “is a despicable act of unconstitutional power-grabbing.”


Watch Dershowitz here:

And now comes the next shoe to fall in this story.

It wasn't just McCabe.

According to a new report from Fox News, McCabe had discussed the plan with two high level Trump Cabinet officials:

Former top FBI lawyer James Baker, in closed-door testimony to Congress, detailed alleged discussions among senior officials at the Justice Department about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office, claiming he was told Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said two Trump Cabinet officials were “ready to support” such an effort.

The testimony was delivered last fall to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. Fox News has confirmed portions of the transcript. It provides additional insight into discussions that have returned to the spotlight in Washington as fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe revisits the matter during interviews promoting his forthcoming book.

Baker did not identify the two Cabinet officials. But in his testimony, the lawyer said McCabe and FBI lawyer Lisa Page came to him to relay their conversations with Rosenstein, including discussions of the 25th Amendment.

“I was being told by some combination of Andy McCabe and Lisa Page, that, in a conversation with the Deputy Attorney General, he had stated that he -- this was what was related to me -- that he had at least two members of the president’s Cabinet who were ready to support, I guess you would call it, an action under the 25th Amendment,” Baker told the committees.

The 25th Amendment provides a mechanism for removing a sitting president from office. One way that could happen is if a majority of the president’s Cabinet says the president is incapable of discharging his duties.

Rosenstein, who still works at the Justice Department but who is expected to exit in the near future, has denied the claims since they first surfaced in the media last year.

Fox News requested further comment from the parties involved. Lawyers for Baker and McCabe declined comment, as did an FBI spokesperson.

In his testimony, Baker said of McCabe’s state of mind: “At this point in time, Andy was unbelievably focused and unbelievably confident and squared away.  I don’t know how to describe it other than I was extremely proud to be around him at that point in time because I thought he was doing an excellent job at maintaining focus and dealing with a very uncertain and difficult situation.  So I think he was in a good state of mind at this point in time.”

The testimony, for which there are criminal penalties if the witness lies to congressional investigators, comes as McCabe, who was fired last year by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has discussed the alleged meetings as he promotes his forthcoming book.


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