Ben Carson Just Ripped The “Devious” Coup Attempt Against Trump, Backs Trump 100%!

Thank you Ben!


Ben Carson is a great man.

A man of integrity and obviously of brilliance.  

When the story broke recently about Andrew McCabe’s attempted coup of Donald Trump, it was then reported that McCabe had talked to two high level cabinet members who were on board with the coup.

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It has not been revealed which two those were.

But speculation is running wild, and Ben Carson took to Twitter to make VERY CLEAR that he supports our President 100% and at no time would he ever participate in a coup attempt with McCabe or anyone else.

Take a look:

Carson Sent This Message:

Here's a larger version of the photo:


And yes friends, if it's not a "coup" attempt, I don't know what you call it.

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Take a look:

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