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Mike Huckabee: There WAS Russian Collusion, But It Was Hillary and the Democrats!


Leave it to Mike Huckabee to cut through all the crap and say it like it is.

There was Russian collusion, but it wasn’t Trump at all… was Hillary and the Democrats!

That’s according to a new article published today by Huckabee, and it is a scorcher!

From, here's what he had to say:

John Solomon, writing for THE HILL, just keeps ‘em coming. The guy is on fire these days --- probably in possession of much more than he is telling right now so that each revelation can have its moment --- and with a new attorney general coming in and Lindsay Graham heading the Senate Judiciary Committee, we can at least hope the information won’t be left to die like an unwanted newborn in a New York delivery room.

The latest installment makes the case that it was Hillary Clinton who made use of Russian connections, through the Clinton Foundation and big-time donor Russian oligarch (rich guy) Viktor Vekselberg, along with several American donors who wanted to partner with him, while she was Secretary of State. At the exact time Bill was pocketing a cool half-million dollars to give just one speech in Moscow, Hillary was working on that Russian re-boot (never mind that her “reset” button actually said “overcharge” in Russian), teaming with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and then-President Dmitri Medvedev to create U.S. technology partnerships in Skolkovo, which was headed by Vekselberg and which Solomon describes as “Moscow’s version of Silicon Valley.”

Hillary personally invited President Medvedev to visit Silicon Valley, and her State Department facilitated U.S. companies involved in the project. According to State Department emails, Bill raised eyebrows (as he often did with his conflicts of interest) by asking to meet Vekselberg and also Arkady Dvorkovich, a senior official with Rosatom. Rosatom is the Russian nuclear giant that was seeking permission from the State Department to buy the Canadian company Uranium One --- the "One" that came with 20 percent of America’s uranium.

By 2013, experts in the State Department, law enforcement and the military were considering Skolkovo to be much more than just a technology conglomerate. They thought it was likely a front for economic and military espionage. In 2014, the FBI sent letters to warn several American technology companies that were involved with Skolkovo that they risked being caught up in espionage. One FBI official, Special Agent in Charge Lucia Ziobro, even raised the alarm in an op-ed for the Boston Business Journal that Skolkovo “may be a means for the Russian government to access our nation’s sensitive or classified research development technologies and dual-use technologies with military and commercial application.” In other words, it would be a convenient way to spy.

(I’ll bet they had every one of Hillary’s emails from her time at State. But I digress.)

As for Rosatom, we already knew about informant William Douglas Campbell, who gathered information from the inside showing their agents in the U.S. were involved in racketeering: kickbacks, extortion, bribery. He even obtained written evidence that Putin wanted to buy Rosatom to gain leverage over America through domination of global uranium markets. He also found out that a major donor to the Clinton Global Initiative was working for Rosatom at the time the company was seeking approval from the State Department to buy Uranium One.

Of course, we've been aware for some time about other Russian connections, the ones made by Hillary, through a series of go-betweens, with Christopher Steele and his Russian sources. The latest bit of information on that is that, according to Bruce Ohr’s notes, Steele’s main source for his uncorroborated allegations was an ex-Russian intelligence officer. I won’t get too far into the weeds with this; for those who want to go on in there, Solomon offers much more detail about the Russian connections of Steele, and also of Glenn Simpson, at the link below.

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Hillary, her family and their charity clearly benefited from their Russian connections at the very time Hillary was working to facilitate certain official government actions concerning Russia. And now we know that these connections were questionable enough to raise national security concerns. Can you even IMAGINE how much screaming there would be if we were talking about the Trump family?

The investigation of Trump never ends –- in fact, it keeps expanding, like a shark that will die if it ever stops swimming –- while the increasingly evident Hillary/Russia connections are ignored. But I have a hunch that with Barr coming in as the new attorney general and Sen. Graham heading the Judiciary Committee, this situation is going to change. If that doesn't happen, we may have to storm Washington with torches, tar and feathers.  But I'm fairly confident that even though Hillary might run out the clock on the statute of limitations for many of her misdeeds, the sleazy details are eventually going to come out.

The case for Russia collusion … against the Democrats

Huckabee is SPOT ON, and I love listening to what he has to say.

But he isn't the only one saying it.

President Trump has been saying this for quite a while, take a look:

As recently as last night at the El Paso MAGA Rally, he said it again.  From Mediaite:

In a rant slamming the “Russia hoax,” President Donald Trump claimed during a rally in El Paso on Monday that the “real collusion” was between Democrats and the Russians. 

The president also said the “fake news” and the Democrats are colluding too. 

Trump started by talking about the Senate Intelligence Committee probe and how, according to him, it showed no collusion between Trump and Russia. 

“Just recently as an example Senator Richard Burr from the great state of North Carolina. He is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee,” Trump said. 

He continued on: “They have been investigating the Russia hoax for two years. Think of it. They have interviewed over 200 people. They have studied hundreds of thousands of documents and pages. And Richard just announced that they found no collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.”

The audience applauded.

Trump then said that there was collusion but it was between Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and Russia. 

“The fact is that the real collusion was between Hillary and the Democrats and the other side with Russia. That’s where the collusion is,” he insisted. “That’s where the collusion is.”

He also said the “fake news” and Democrats have been colluding too. 

“That is starting to make a lot more sense,” Trump told the crowd. “But that is where the collusion is. With the Democrats and with Russia and with others. By the way, there is also collusion between the Democrats and the fake news right here.”

Will the Democrats eventually be found out?

Will this all eventually boomerang back on the Democrats?

Will they go down for something they've accused Trump of doing?

It all comes down to that famous quote:

"Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty."

While there are disputes about who actually said it (Karl Marx, Joseph Goebbels, Saul Alinsky), it appears to be the Democrats favorite play in their playbook.

Did they play it here in 2015?

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Will it eventually boomerang back and find them out?

Folks, I think the story is only JUST STARTING to break open and it's about to get real good.

Stay tuned!

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