President Trump Just Hit AOC, Warren and all the Democrats In Wonderful Twitter Rant!

This is why we love our President!


Some people want President Trump to stop Tweeting.

Or Tweet less.

Or let someone edit his Tweets.

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But all of those would be HORRIBLE ideas.

Because the truth is he’s the first transparent President who tells us what he’s thinking in real time! 

It’s open, it’s honest, it’s real.  

It’s not ran through a PR filter first.

President Trump may be accused of a lot of things, but at least he’s REAL and I think that means a lot.

It’s also the way he’s able to get his message direct to the American people without having it filtered, censored, restricted or spun by the Media!

So I say please Mr. President, never stop Tweeting!  We love it!

And today gave us a lot to love as he set his sights on multiple targets and landed direct hits.

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Take a look…..

First he roasted AOC and her "New Green Deal" with this beauty:


Then he went after "Pocahontas":

Liberals lost their minds when he capitalized the word TRAIL....

You'd think the world was ending.

Then he went after the Democrats over border wall funding:

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