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Samuel, Deborah, Kavanaugh and Barrett? It Was All Declared In June 2018!

He declared it way before it happened!


Have you heard of Charlie Shamp?  

I hadn’t until very recently.

He claims to be a modern day prophet, and whenever I hear that I am reminded about what the Bible has to say about prophecy:

1 John 4:1:  

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Matthew 7:15-20:  

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. …

So I went back and looked at some of his published prophecies and I was stunned to find this one.  

It’s titled “I saw a woman take her seat in the United States Supreme Court” and it speaks of who most everyone believes will be Coney Barrett.  

But many people have said they think Trump will eventually nominate Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

If that’s the prophecy, it’s not very exciting.

But that wasn’t the prophecy at all.

In the video below (it’s only 5 minutes) listen as he says in a post from June 30, 2018 that there will be a woman who Trump will appoint to the Supreme Court….but she won’t come first.

True prophecy always takes unexpected turns, doesn’t it?

Shamp said there first must come a Samuel and only AFTER that can there come a Deborah.

Bible scholars will immediately understand those references.

Now keep in mind, this was posted on June 30, 2018 before Trump had announced who he was nominating.

Many believed it was going to be Coney Barrett at that time, but of course it wasn’t, it was Brett Kavanaugh.

Listen to this short 5 minute video and then I’ll explain more below and you’re mind will really be blown when you hear what happened next:

We all know Brett Kavanugh was then nominated by President Trump and the great fight  of 2018 began.

But was Shamp right?

Was this the "Samuel" who would come before Deborah?

In the next video, Shamp explains how it was confirmed to him that Brett Kavanaugh was indeed the "Samuel" that had been prophecied....and moreover that he WOULD get confirmed.

This video below was posted on September 30, 2018, which was before the final vote in the Senate.

And if you remember anything about that time, you remember that it was not looking good for Kavanaugh.

In fact, it was looking like he wasn't going to make.

But prophets have a weird way of standing firm on their prophecies when they know they're true, even in light of what look like impossible circumstances.

This video is longer but it's WELL WORTH your time to watch.  

In there, you'll listen to Shamp explain how in the final days of the Kavanaugh nomination he felt confident his prophecy was right, but he was asking God for confirmation.  

Then he received a letter in the mail noting how Kavanaugh had been the Samuel Williston Lecturer on Law at Harvard since 2009!

You gotta love it!


During his years teaching at HLS, Kavanaugh, who earned his undergraduate and law degrees at Yale, has offered highly regarded courses on both the Separation of Powers (2008 to 2015) and the Supreme Court (2014, 2016 to 2018).  He has been the Samuel Williston Lecturer on Law at HLS since 2009.

Williston became known for his expertise on Contracts, and in the video below Shamp explains why even that detail is an incredible confirmation.

Please take the time to watch these:


And It Came To Pass!

We all know how the story turned out.

Kavanaugh is now on the Supreme Court and Shamp's prophecy has been vindicated 100%.


Here is the confirmation video:

Even More?

Want to know even more?

Here's another even more current prophecy, that we are currently in the midst of seeing play out before our very eyes!

From Shamp's website, Destiny Encounters, he publishe this on November 14, 2018:

I heard the Lord say, “Surely, this President’s term will not close without a passing of a former President. It will mark the changing of the times and the seasons for the United States of America. Watch the time and set the season, 20:19 is it now a time of acceleration for a nation. Is it not a door that I will walk through and bless you, America?

They will not lock me out or plot their course back to the old days of ruling the people through lies and deception. They have honored me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They have acted religious, but they have rejected the power that could make this nation truly godly and great during their day. 

Did I not say, ‘Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a liar or a simple babbler.’ My word will come to pass, I will cut off the governmental branch of the bush and engraft a new wild olive tree and it will sprout forth from that time forward. For I have fully rejected Saul in this season and have chosen David, my elect. I have chosen him to lead this nation to battle and he will remove the giants from the land. What Saul and his family refused to do for fear of man, David my servant and his son will do in a single season by my hand. 

Some will say, ‘Look what has taken place... the bush is dead and the branch withers away, but this wild branch it blossoms and blooms! We must stop it! What are we to do?’ Yet I say to you, watch what I will do. The wind of change shall blow upon the bush and it will be blown out of the way. 

The Republican Party will be changed and never look the same. For I am doing a new thing says the Lord, a thing that if I had told you before this time you would not have believed it. I will work a work in your land, it will be my prophetic plan. I will unite white and black; every skin color will stand under the grace of my giving hand. I will remove the past, reshape your future, and build your country with every skin color. I will remove the banner of hate and shame caused by the lies of men and their sin. 

The propaganda has come up before me and I will reveal every lie and remove every man that pushes hate and even those that race bate. They will be exposed, removed, and brought to shame for what they attempt to do. I have raised this President up and he will fight to unite your nation under the banner of my Son. My blood will be the only color that man will see from seas to shining sea. Look out at the nation and pay attention! Be astounded! Be really astounded! Because something is happening in your lifetime that you won't believe, even if it were described down to the smallest detail! 

For one party will be changed over night as the bush is uprooted from the earth. The other will be broken for the lies and deception they have sown and will not recover. For what they will attempt to do, they will be removed! Have I not said, Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit. You are living in that hour. What they have set in their hearts to do to David will surely come upon them. The enemies have set a trap. They have dug a deep pit in his path, but they themselves will fall into it.”

-Prophet Charlie Shamp 

Recently, Shamp reposted that prophecy along with a current news article to show how we truly are living in the times of prophecy coming to life.

True prophecy is more current than your nightly news!

Four months ago, Shamp posted this prophecy about the Republican party being changed overnight after the "bush is uprooted" which means Bush 41's death.  

The prophecy specifically talked about changing the racial landscape in America and how the Republican party would be born anew but the Democrats would be broken and never recover!

Folks, look at what we're seeing in Virginia!

It's happening before our very eyes!

Here was his post:

Sure anyone could look and see Bush 41 was sick and would die soon. 

But the rest of the prophecy is what's really incredible to me.

Look at how the Democrats are being exposed for their racism and infanticide like never before!

Every day there's a new Democrat that goes down.  

What an incredible prophecy that is playing out before our very eyes.

And if it's true that this is playing out before our very eyes, then I want you to look specifically to the last few sentences of that prophecy, because those are what is coming next.

It says:

You are living in that hour. What they have set in their hearts to do to David will surely come upon them. The enemies have set a trap. They have dug a deep pit in his path, but they themselves will fall into it.

Folks, I believe that means the traps and snares they have set for President Trump (David) will not work and will instead snare the Democrats.

I believe that's the final shoe to drop.

After two years of their relentless and baseless attacks on President Trump, I believe we'll see him totally exhonorated and the traps instead will ensnare the Democrats.

Russia collusion?  

I believe we'll see the Democrats (and Hillary and Obama especially) exposed as the true Russian collusion.  


It's the classic quote that has been attributed to many evil people, but regardless of who said it first, I think we are seeing it play our right now:

"Accuse the enemy of what you yourself are actually doing!"

That's what Shamp is talking about.  "They themselves will fall into it."

Celebrate Justice Kavanaugh!

Only while they last.

Check availability.



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