BIG TRUMP WIN: Ford Investing $1 Billion In Chicago, Adding 500 New Full-Time Jobs!

Our President is incredible!


Another BIG win for President Trump and the MAGA regime!

And most importantly, a big win for Americans and America!

A huge announcement out today says that Ford will build two new factories in Chicago, leading to a $1 billion investment that is estimated to create 500 new full-time jobs!

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Absolutely incredible!

The news and celebration spread quickly online:


Here are all the great details, from The Hill:

Ford Motor Company announced Thursday it will invest $1 billion at two Chicago factories to handle production of three new SUVs.

The company said in a news release that work on the assembly and stamping plants will begin in March and is expected to be completed by spring.

The expansion will result in 500 new full-time jobs, bringing total employment at the factories on the city's southeast side to 5,800.

The investment will expand production capacity for the new Ford Explorer ST and Explorer Hybrid, as well as the Lincoln Aviator, the company said.

The $1 billion will go toward a new body shop, a new paint shop, the installation of 3D printed tools at the assembly plant and new stamping lines at the other plant. The money also covers $40 million in workplace improvements, such as new lighting and cafeteria updates.

CNBC reported that Ford's expansion in Chicago comes amid a broader company restructuring that will decrease its total workforce and cut jobs in Europe.

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