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BIG WIN: Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Executive Order ELIMINATING Common Core!

Wonderful work!


This is but ONE reason why the Florida election was so important.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) campaigned one eliminating the dreadful Common Core in his state, and he’s just followed through on the promise!

Take a look:


Common Core is about as good as the Common Cold and it's high time for it to be eliminated everywhere!

Great job by Florida for starting things off!

I love how DeSeantis is a man of his word, just like Trump.

He seems to have taken joy in this one, saying "I told you I was going to do something about this!"

And then he did.


Florida Gov. DeSantis announced plans Thursday to overhaul the standards taught in Florida schools and ditch the current system, which has roots in Common Core.

“This is going to be a process that is going to take the balance of this year and we will go to the legislature next session and want to get that done,” DeSantis said during a press conference. “We don’t want to dillydally, but at the same time, do it right.”

DeSantis said a lot of parents complained to him while on the campaign trail about the current system.

“I told you I was going to do something about this,” DeSantis said.

People attending the press conference started clapping before DeSantis could even finish the announcement.

He said parents were frustrated with all the testing and couldn't understand some of the math.

The standards are basically expectations of what students should learn and when.

The state’s system is called the Florida Standards, which is similar to Common Core.

Many states have adopted Common Core, but it also has its share of critics who feel the system was imposed by the feds.

DeSantis is now directing the education commissioner to come up with a new set of standards and overhaul the system.

“He's going to suggest innovative ways to streamline some of the testing and to make that so that it's something that's measuring success, but we're not just teaching to a test," DeSantis said.

The governor said parents and teachers would have a say in this process and he hopes to send proposed changes to the legislature by next year.

Wendy Doromal, of the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association, an education union, said teachers are happy to hear that they will be consulted on developing new educational standards.

"What we see happening in classrooms today is just memorization and teaching to the test, which sucks the joy out of learning in the classroom," she said.

And from Fox13:

In another reversal of former Florida Gov. Scott's policies, Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered an end to Common Core-type educational standards in Florida.

DeSantis’ executive order directs Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran to develop a road map for a new way to educate the sunshine state’s students.

Florida moved to a Common Core-type system under former Gov. Rick Scott, a change aimed at matching standards for other students in the U.S.

State leaders made some tweaks to Common Core, and re-branded it as ‘Florida Standards’ but they remain very similar to Common Core.

State governors - not the federal government - developed Common Core and former Gov. Jeb Bush did everything he could to sell it as "fewer, higher expectations, critical thinking skills, benchmarked to the best in the world."

Critics of Common Core, including Tea Party groups, said it would take away local control and dumb down our schools. Meanwhile, many parents had trouble understanding some of the teaching methods and found it confusing, particularly some of the math.

“One of the things we would constantly hear about on the campaign trail was a lot of frustration from parents in particular with this idea of Common Core," said Gov. DeSantis. "When you complained... I heard you. I told you I'd do something about it. And today we are acting to bring promises to reality."

DeSantis gave the order to replace Common Core-type standards with a new system that increases the quality of curriculum, and places a higher emphasis on teaching civics.

Florida education standards will not change this year. Gov. DeSantis said he and Commissioner Corcoran will seek input from teachers and parents, then present a reform plan to the legislature, to enact in 2020.

It wasn't the newly-minted governor's only education-related announcement this week.

Wednesday, at a news conference at Tampa Bay Technical High School, Gov. DeSantis announced an executive order he said would help Florida students get degrees and jobs through education programs focused on in-demand skills. 

Wednesday's order also called for a faster path to reach an associate's degree at a state college or university.

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