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BIBLE COMEBACK? President Trump Pushes For Bible Literacy Classes In Schools!

Prov. 22:6 anyone?


If you needed yet ANOTHER reason to love President Trump, he just keeps giving you new material.

Today comes news that he is pushing for adding Biblical Literacy classes back into schools.

Wonderful news, I love this President!

Here was his exact message, take a look:

While he doesn't go so far as to recommend it in that Tweet, he knows exactly what he is doing.

Our President is the master of shifting public opinion in the direction he wants it to go, and he knows by that very Tweet, innocuous as it may seem, he has just kicking off the train towards making it happen!

This is by far the first time President Trump has advocated for Christians, defended Christians, and identified with Christians.

Here he is in a famous clip:


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And this is one of my all time favorite clips below.  

It's President Trump (then candidate Trump) at Liberty University, talking to the students about his faith.

Look, I'm not going to stand here and tell you President Trump is some big theologian.

I'm not even here to say he's a great Christian role-model.

In fact, here's what I believe, and here's what I've heard a lot of people I respect say.  We  believe President Trump is a fairly new Christian.  A baby Christian.  He's learning as he goes.  He's not deep, but I'll tell you this:  I sure do think his heart is in the right place.  And that's more than I can say for about 99% of Washington, D.C.

So I'll take that any day over the other politicians who profess to be Christians so eloquently and then their actions are anything but.

President Trump seems to me to be the complete opposite.  

He doesn't always get the words right or go very deep with his faith (yet), but his heart seems aligned the right way.

A lot of people say Trump is a Cyrus character from the Bible, and it's easy to see that connection.

He also reminds me so much of David.  King David.  The guy with a lions-heart, who would physically wrestle lions and bears.  The guy who struck down the giant when no one else would step forward.  

What else was there about David?  Oh yeah, he had his own infidelity issues, didn't he?

Yet God still described him as "a man after my own heart".  That sure does say a lot!  

Has Trump had a rocky past at times?  Sure.  But is his heart in the right place, especially know?  No one knows, but I sure think so.

So it's with all of that in mind that I say the following clip is one of my favorites of all time from President Trump.  

It's the famous Two-Corinthians clip.  It's pure Trump.  It's perfect, and who am I to say, but I think the LORD is honoring the heart behind this man way more than his past or whether he gets all the words right today.

Take a look:

On a more serious note, please listen to this speech, where President Trump gives the most compelling defense of Christians and Christianity I have EVER heard from ANY President.

If everyone could hear just this one video before 2020, I think he'd win the election in a landslide:

Now, with all of that background, let me bring us to the news of the day.  

President Trump Tweeting about bringing Biblical Literacy classes back to schools.

Of course this has the left all up in a tizzy, but that's good because without something new to get outraged at each day, what would they do with themselves?

Here is Proverbs 22:6, and a glimpse into what I believe the LORD is doing in America through Trump:

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Here are more details on the story, from CBS News:

President Trump appeared to endorse efforts by legislators in several states to allow public schools to offer Bible classes. 

"Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible. Starting to make a turn back? Great!" Mr. Trump tweeted Monday morning after "Fox and Friends" ran a segment on the topic. 

Christian lawmakers in six Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country are pushing for legislation that would allow public schools to offer elective classes on the New and Old Testaments. 

The push by conservative legislators in Florida, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia has stirred some controversy. Critics of the proposals, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), argue that public school classes on the Bible would jeopardize the separation of church and state enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Alabama, Iowa and West Virginia have also considered Bible literacy bills, but all of the measures were voted down, according to the Fox News report

But in Kentucky, Republican Gov. Matt Bevin signed legislation in 2017 to allow public school students to take Bible and Hebrew scriptures classes. A year ago, in January 2018, the ACLU of Kentucky expressed concern to the Kentucky Board of Education after an Open Records Act investigation found that many courses violated constitutional requirements that say that religious texts used in classrooms must be secular, objective and not promote any specific religious view.

The ACLU said it found "public school teachers using the Bible to impart religious life lessons" and use of Sunday school lessons and worksheets for source material. These are not academic approaches to objective study of the Bible and its historical or literary value, the ACLU pointed out. 

In June 2018, the Kentucky Board of Education approved standards for the classes, but the ACLU was still worried about what was being taught in Bible literacy courses.

"Without more specific guidance, we fear some classrooms will once again be filled with preaching, not teaching," the organization wrote in a statement last August. "The ACLU-KY reminds students and parents that 'Bible Literacy' courses may not promote religion or a particular religious viewpoint, test students on matters of religious faith, nor be designed to instill religious life lessons."

And the Des Moines Register has pointed out that there are ALREADY Bible literacy classes being taught in the state.

Way to go, Iowa!

Here's more from the DMR:

A Statehouse proposal to expand access to Bible literacy classes in Iowa public schools failed to gain traction this session.

But the Des Moines Register found that the Bible is already being taught in Iowa's public schools.

More than 100 different elective courses focus on religion, including introduction to religion, comparative religion and scripture, according to the Iowa Department of Education.

That includes a course in one of eastern Iowa's most liberal enclaves: Iowa City. 

Three high schools in Iowa City offer a "Bible as Literature" class.

The course has been offered for multiple decades, teachers said. It began as a way to teach students about biblical stories, such as David and Goliath, that are common references in literature and pop culture. 

“We talk about (the Bible) not as a historical text, and not as a religious text, but as a piece of literature.”

Teacher Kerri Barnhouse

Some teens don't understand the references coming into the class, teachers said. Others do, but they want to go deeper into how the Bible has influenced literature and artistic expression such as music.

The 12-week English class is offered to juniors and seniors as an elective. In a sense, it is a crash course in what's often referred to as biblical allegory.

"We talk about it not as a historical text, and not as a religious text, but as a piece of literature," said Kerri Barnhouse, a West High teacher who has led the course for about 10 years.

She and others who teach the class in Iowa City question the motives behind the current legislation, which has been backed by the conservative Christian group the Family Leader.

There's nothing that prevents the class now, so they wonder why is the legislation being introduced.

Proponents of the bill say classes on the Bible provide important historical or cultural context for students. But opponents say the legislation is a backdoor to teaching Christianity.  

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