Lindsey Graham Just Gave Trump The Green Light: If There's No Deal From The Dems, Declare The Emergency!

Lindsey Graham Just Gave Trump The Green Light: If There’s No Deal From The Dems, Declare The Emergency!

He's exactly right!

While the Media tries to brainwash us into thinking there’s no support for Declaring an Emergency to build the wall, Lindsey Graham just set the record straight.

He made it real clear in a string of Tweets.

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Take a look:

If White House and Congress fail to reach a deal then President @realDonaldTrump must act through emergency powers to build wall/barrier.

But he wasn't done with just that one.

He continued on, raising some very good points:

Question: Can states ask federal government to help secure a broken border that is allowing harm to be done to their states?

Petition:  Remove Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi from Office!


Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump have all sent troops to help secure the border in the past.  

What’s the difference between troops securing the border and troops constructing barriers to secure the border?

I’m hopeful we can reach a deal between President Trump and Congress, which would be the best way forward.

Thank you Sen. Graham!

PRAYER CHAIN FOR TRUMP: Please add your name and a prayer to support our President!

We greatly appreciate your support for our President!


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