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Against All Odds, The Trump Prophet Mark Taylor Might Be Right…..AGAIN!

Here we go!


This is shaping up to be one of the most incredible prophecies / predictions (whatever you want to call it) perhaps even greater than his 2011 prophecy that Donald Trump would become President.

And just like that one, it initially looked like he got it wrong.

In 2011, Taylor prophecied that Donald Trump would become President.  

When he didn’t run and Obama won his second term, it looked like Taylor was just another Internet nut.

Except….then 2015 rolled around, and we had the great escalator ride where Trump announced he was running, then he systematically knocked out a field of 17 veteran Republican politicians and then defeated big bad Hillary Clinton to become America’s 45th President.

And Taylor was proven correct.

Will history repeat itself with Taylor’s most recent prophecy?

His most recent big prophecy was that the Republicans would win the Midterms in a big Red Wave.

History seems to be repeating itself as Taylor looks initially to have gotten that one wrong.

As you all know, the Republicans DID make gains in the Senate, not only in terms of raw numbers but in terms of quality, getting rid of a few RINOs and replacing them with people who will actually vote with the Republicans.

But that wasn’t the case in the House, where by any measure it was a defeat for the Republicans.

So was Mark Taylor wrong?

The answer to that is…..let’s wait and see.

Taylor has not ran from the prophecy.  In fact, he did several interviews right afterward where he said it’s not over yet folks!  

Taylor said a massive wave of Voter Fraud will be uncovered and will lead to the Midterm results being changed in the future.

That’s right.

We covered it back in November 2018, take a look below.

From WeLoveTrump:

But he didn’t stop there either.

The main point of his message is that the Midterms are not yet over….in two main ways.  

First, there are a bunch of ongoing recounts and the results could dramatically shift what we think we know right now.

But second, this is the big one.  Taylor is standing by another prophecy that he’s boldly stated several times.

He claims that LORD has told him very clearly that mass arrests of politicians are coming.  Many will lose their seats and even go to jail.  Taylor references the big number of sealed indictments (a fact that has not been conclusively proven) but Taylor says they exist and could be as high as 50,000.  

He said these arrests are coming soon and will reshape the Congress and the entire political landscape in America.

And if & when the arrests happen, Taylor says they will lead to new Special Elections to fill those seats.  In Taylor’s opinion, this will be a continuation of the Midterms and will lead to the mass turnover he predicted.

Taylor says the thing most people get wrong about prophecy is that it rarely happens the way we expect.  And this alternative route would certainly be wild!

Taylor admits we’ve only had a Red Wave so far, but not a Red Tsunami.

He says a Red Tsunami is indeed coming, but points out you need an Earthquake to start a Tsunami.

Taylor says the Sessions firing (or resignation) is the Earthquake that will finally set the mass arrests in motion.

If you want to hear the interview for yourself, here you go:

So, that brings us to current day, January 2019 and all of a sudden it's looking like a Voter Fraud scandal is about to bust WIDE OPEN!

Who could ever have expected this?  (sarcasm alert)

Yesterday, it was announced that 58,000 illegal votes were cast in Texas with almost 100,000 illegal registrations on the books!

The Texas Attorney General and Governor both personally exposed the scandal:

Then even President Trump responded to the story:

Folks, the story is NOT going away, and it feels to me like it's ready to burst wide open!  

To the point where we won't be talking about 95,000 illegal registrations, but how about 900,000?

Take a look at this, from the Boston Herald where the first paragraph says "Trump is right"....take a look:

Evidence emerged out of Texas this weekend that proves President Trump right on two critical issues facing the nation — but you’ll never hear it from the biased media obsessed with undermining his administration.

The first is that #FakeNews exists in spades today as Americans witness a never-ending stream of botched media stories designed to smear the administration that later prove to be false.

Secondly, voter fraud related to illegal immigration is real despite the #FakeNews media telling us otherwise.

The two converged in spectacular fashion Friday with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announcing that authorities have obtained evidence that voter fraud is taking place and that yes, illegal immigrants are voting in U.S. elections.

Both are issues that open border Democrats don’t want to talk about. The lefties would rather see dishonest media distract voters’ attention by calling the president “racist” for wanting to build the wall and for taking other common sense measures to repair our broken immigration system.

On Friday, Paxton’s office announced the Secretary of State’s office “discovered that about 95,000 individuals identified by the Department of Public Safety as non-U.S. citizens have a matching voter registration record in Texas, and roughly 58,000 of them have voted in one or more Texas elections.” Paxton added via Twitter that, “Any illegal vote deprives Americans of their voice.”

Could this be why the Democrat party wants to flood the U.S. with millions of illegals —to tip elections?

Liberals — including democratic leadership — also oppose Voter ID laws and Kate’s Law, which would increase penalties for immigrants who re-enter the country illegally, while vociferously supporting sanctuary cities.

It doesn’t stop there. High-profile New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading the charge among Democrats to abolish ICE, a radical proposal that would be downright dangerous

Make no mistake. Voter fraud related to illegal immigrants isn’t just happening in Texas — it’s happening in voting districts nationwide.

A national watchdog group, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, found that 1,046 non-citizens successfully registered to vote in eight Virginia counties. In Pennsylvania, 100,000 voter registration cards were sent not to registered voters but those who had driver’s licenses — a legislative priority for Democrats in Massachusetts and other states.

Enter Tom Fitton.

You know him, he's with Judicial Watch and he's single-handedly doing all the heavy lifting in the Courts as a private citizen.  

Fitton just weighed in and blew the whole thing wide open when he responded to President Trump:

.@realDonaldTrump is right. I estimate about 900,000 aliens illegally voted in the midterms. @JudicialWatch

There it is folks!

900,000 is the number he estimates!  

And Trump says this is happening all over the country!  

Will we see the scandal break wide open next?

Will Mark Taylor be proven right the most spectacular way possible?

I have a feeling we will see VERY soon....

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