DEPLORABLES REACT: The Truth About Trump’s Shutdown Deal Today

Your thoughts?


Today was a polarizing day.  

Some people (especially on the Left) said the President caved.  Gave in.  Lost.  

But I was encouraged to see so many Deplorables seeing right through the noise and sticking with our President!  

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As I’ve been saying all day long, our President has an ace up his sleeve.  He’s got something planned.  He knows what he’s doing.  Just watch what comes next!

Bill O’Reilly weighed in too, saying Trump made the right move and scores the point:

The reaction on Facebook at WeLoveTrump was HUGELY in favor of our President!

Memo to the Democrats and Media, the Deplorables aren't going anyhwere, we love President Trump!

Take a look:




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