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Watch Covington Teen Outclass NBC’s Savannah Guthrie!

Well done kid!


The media really is throwing everythign they can at these Covington teens, aren’t they?

When the first reports turned out to be blatantly false and some even slanderous, the media has now shifted into trying to shape the story a different way.

They sent Today Show soft-ball Savannah Guthrie to interview the kid and she used the opportunity to try and bait him into apologizing over the incident.

Except Nick Sandmann had more CLASS and SMARTS than to fall for that trick.

“Do you feel from this experience that you owe anybody an apology? Do you see your own fault in any way?“, asked Guthrie.

“As far as standing there, I had every right to do so,” answered Sandmann.  “My position is that I was not disrespectful to Mr. Phillips. I respect him, I’d like to talk to him. I mean, in hindsight I wish we could have walked away and avoided the whole thing.”

Well said kid, very wise!

You are 100% right!

Watch it here: 

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Meanwhile, let's just put things into perspective, shall we?

Can you say "media bias"?

Because Ryan Saavedra can.

Look at this stat:


I suppose not even that surprising anymore, but how much evidence of Media Bias do you need?

Even President Trump has weighed in....twice!

Here's more, from Breitbart:

Wednesday on NBC’s “Today,” show co-host Savannah Guthrie suggested Covington Catholic High School’s Nick Sandmann, one of the youths videoed in an what had been described as a confrontation with so-called Native American activist Nathan Phillips, provoked the incident by wearing the red “Make America Great Again” hat that was made famous by President Donald Trump.

In her one-on-one interview with Sandmann, Guthrie asked if Sandmann and his classmate weren’t wearing the hat if he thought things might have been different.

Partial transcript as follows:

GUTHRIE: As for those red “Make America Great Again” hats that some students were wearing, Sandmann says he bought his that day from a street vendor in Washington.

Do you think if you weren’t wearing that hat this might not have happened or it might have been different?

SANDMANN: That’s possible, but I would have to assume what Mr. Phillips was thinking, and I’d rather let him speak for why he came up to us.



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