FIGHT BACK: Teen Trump Supporter Creates Website To Track Media Bullying!

FIGHT BACK: Teen Trump Supporter Creates Website To Track Media Bullying!

Well done CJ!

You may have heard about CJ Pearson before.

From the age of 12, he’s been on the national scene bringing common sense to the debate!

He’s been a vocal critic of President Obama and a fan of President Trump.

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Doesn’t really fit the “racist” Media narrative now, does it?

Nope – CJ just sees things for how they are.  

He sees President Trump doing a great job, and he sees just how corrupt the Media has become.  

And he’s now fighting back.  

He just created a website to track all the journalist and media companies who are harrassing people like the Covington teens!  

The website says:

Students were maligned by Media yesterday for the thought crime of wearing MAGA hats. Media said they bullied a Native American veteran when that wasn’t the case. Let’s track who said and did what. Please use this form to submit all instances from Twitter. Please also archive or screenshot these tweets.

You can visit the website and make a report here!

I love it!  

Youth, ingenuity, technology….fighting back against the media bias and corruption!

Take a look:

He Announces The Plan:

An Instant Hit:

SIGN THE PETITION: We Need National Voter ID!

Great work CJ!

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