Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu Wins The 10 Year Challenge!

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu Wins The 10 Year Challenge!

Game over

I’m sure you’ve seen the 10-year challenge going around Facebook….

Where you have to post a picture from your account from 10 years ago and then side-by-side post a current picture.

People are having a lot of fun with it.

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Some are shocking, some are funny, some are surprisingly uneventful.

But Benjamin Netanyahu (yes, THAT one) decided to post his own and he officially won the challenge.

Game over!

Take a look:



Walls work!

You gotta love this guy, and you gotta love how he has our President's back!

President Trump has famously said Israel's wall has proven to be 99% effective, a number he claims Netanyahu gave to him personally!  

And looking at that thing you hvae to believe it is true!


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