President Trump Just Laid Into Nancy Pelosi On Twitter

Taking his case to the American people!


If you believe Twitter won President Trump the presidency in 2016, it would be hard to disagree with that claim.

Even President Trump himself has routinely said he views it as one of the most powerful tools in his toolbelt.

The abillity to talk to millions of Americans without any Media filter and whenever he wants.

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His officialy follower count is 57.5 million, but that number is amplified when news outlets pick up on his Tweets and broadcast the stories (like you’re seeeing happen in this very article).

So what is the real reach of his posts?  

No one knows, but it’s probably in the hundreds of millions.

And he just used that Megaphone to slam Nancy Pelosi again, with a perfect 3-Tweet Jab, Jab, Cross!

Take a look:



Do you like the way our President uses Twitter?

Do you like how he says what he's really thinking?

Is his honesty refreshing?

Love to hear your thoughts!

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