The Trump Prophet Says It Could Now Be SIX, Not Just Five!

The Trump Prophet Says It Could Now Be SIX, Not Just Five!

That would be unprecedented!

The Trump Prophet, Mark Taylor, has just gone on record again with a wonderful new statement.

He was careful not to call this one a prophecy, but he did say he was starting to feelk like President Trump may get to elect SIX and not just five new Supreme Court Justices.

I do believe that would be unprecedented!

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He already has two, Neil Gorsuch and of course Brett Kavanaugh.

Three more would put him at five, which is an official prophecy from Taylor.

You can read all of his prophecies here.

Most expect Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be the third appointment, and for that to happen soon.  

As for the other two, or now possibly three, Taylor states that it could happen from prior appointments being deemed invalid if a prior Presidency were found to have been invalid. 

Wow, wouldn’t that be something?

Can you even imagine?


You can listen to the whole interview here, it’s only about 10 minutes but chalked full of amazing things!


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Do you think Taylor is right?

Will we get to five? 

Or six?

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If you want more from Taylor, here are two more wonderful videos:

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