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Warren Buffett’s Son, Howard, Spending Millions To BOOST Border Security!

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I wonder if Thanksgiving dinners are rough in the Buffett household these days?

While the elder Buffett (Warren) also known as the Oracle from Omaha has been an outspoken Trump critic and by most accounts appears to be a Democrat, the younger Buffett (Howard) has taken up a cause close to President Trum’s own heart:  Border security.

In fact, reports are that Howard has spent MILLIONS to boost border security along the United States / Mexico border.

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Fox News has more on the story:

Howard Buffett, Warren’s oldest son, has become a crusader at the border, using his organizations and wealth to boost security efforts of local authorities and volunteer groups, according to a recent report.

While his interest in border security may seem odd, a closer look at the 64-year-old billionaire and philanthropist reveals he’s no stranger to the issue. Buffett owns a ranch in Cochise County, Arizona, that sits just 300 yards from the U.S.-Mexico border. 

In addition, a report by The Phoenix New Times indicated a close relationship between Buffett and law enforcement, with the former reportedly gifting $30 million to date to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and similar groups.

According to the report, much of that money has been used to jump-start an investigative unit into human and drug smuggling, renovate one jail, build law enforcement training facilities, including a shooting range, arm officers, purchase surveillance equipment and even provide the sheriff’s office with at least three helicopters.

In 2013 Buffett was awarded the title of “special deputy” after giving the sheriff’s office nearly $1 million in gifts, the paper said. He also reportedly became an active member of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Assist Team (SAT), a private volunteer group that is said to provide security and intelligence.

It was not clear what role Buffett has in the organization, but he soon became the main source of funding for it, according to the report.

While SAT members are said to have no law enforcement authority, The Phoenix New Times reported that the organization was given guns, armor and vehicles purchased by the sheriff’s office using money from Buffett for patrolling purposes.

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The Phoenix New Times also confirmed the story:

On February 6, 2016, around 8:30 p.m., someone standing in the blackness of the Arizona desert night took several pictures. The images depict a group of three friends standing proudly, armed to the teeth, striking their best badass poses. 

According to metadata generated by the iPhone that took the pictures, the trio stood atop a hill situated approximately 4,000 feet from the rust-brown steel wall cutting off the hillsides of Cochise County, to the north, from those of Sonora, Mexico, to the south. 

Buffett is the eldest son, and heir apparent, of Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and Chief Executive Warren Buffett, the third wealthiest man in the world, with an estimated fortune of $84 billion. 

Over the past several years, 64-year-old Howard Buffett — using wealth supplied by his father ­— has been waging his own border war in Cochise County. This has included the arming of a private volunteer group, importing privately employed enforcement personnel, and funding the chemical defoliation of a substantial portion of the county’s border with Mexico. 

Buffett has also purchased the loyalty of — and influence over ­— the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). He has done this through a steady stream of gifts and grants totaling tens of millions of dollars, used to buy guns, vehicles, surveillance equipment, helicopters, and other toys. 

For his part in this relationship, Buffett has gained legitimacy and support — under the color of law — ­for his border war. 

Buffett describes his activities on the border using the language of humanitarianism and concern for the “rule of law.” But closer inspection shows he is using the same dog-eared playbook, and walking in the same well-worn circles, as infamous border warriors and vigilantes who have preceded him along southeastern Arizona’s border with Mexico. 

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Setting Buffett aside from some of his more notorious predecessors is his extreme wealth, and not much more. 

In the photo taken in February 2016, Buffett and the other two men are posing. The photo is among several thousand pages of records reviewed during the reporting obtained from several agencies through public records requests. 

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