Sen. McCarthy RIPS Chuck Schumer, Says He's LYING About Trump Meeting!

Sen. McCarthy RIPS Chuck Schumer, Says He’s LYING About Trump Meeting!

Watch out!

Things are getting hot!

Different stories are emerging after President Trump met with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

And people are rushing to defend President Trump’s version.

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Like Sen. McCarthy.

Thank you sir!


Here was what Schumer had to say:

JUST IN: Pres. Trump tweets meeting with Speaker Pelosi, Minority Leader Schumer was "a total waste of time."

Schumer says, "We saw a temper tantrum because he couldn't get his way, and he just walked out of the meeting."

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McCarthy fired back:

The way that Democrats just behaved in our meeting at the @WhiteHouse is embarrassing. They need to get back into the room and get serious about solving the crisis at the border.

President Trump also weighed in on the fallacies from Schumer:

Townhall had more:

Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi held a press conference on Wednesday shortly after meeting with President Trump at the White House again over the border security disputes that have caused the government shutdown. They described Trump as off putting and unreasonable, completely unwilling to make a deal. He was having a "temper tantrum," according to the Democrats. 

"He couldn't get his way and he just walked out of the meeting," Schumer recalled.

GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy helped lead a press conference shortly afterward, attempting to "clarify" just about everything the Democrats said. Standing beside Vice President Mike Pence, McCarthy gave his side of the story. Trump welcomed the Democrats into the room, he said, and asked them to present their deal to him. The president even brought candy, McCarthy quipped.

The way the Democrats falsely framed the meeting was "disturbing," and their behavior is "embarrassing," McCarthy said. Where Schumer continued to "raise his voice," Trump was "polite" and "respectful." While Trump was offering solutions, the Democrats just "want to just argue."

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