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BREAKING: Trump Just Froze Federal Employee Pay!

He's not backing down!


As the standoff between President Trump and Congress intensifies, President Trump is NOT backing down!

Good for him.

Schumer and Pelosi thought they could shut down the government and have it blowback on President Trump, but they just haven’t been paying attention for the last three years.

Obviously, they had no idea about the Trump Boomerang Effect, a term we coined here at WeLoveTrump and have documented time and time again.

And the Boomerang is already turned around and heading directly for Chuck and Nancy!

Clearly these two are in way over their heads and Trump appears in his comfort zone.  Of course he is, he’s made a career out of winning tough negotiations!

He’s probably thinking this is one of the easier negotiations he’s had to deal with in his career.

So now to up the ante it was just reported that President Trump is freezing all federal employee pay for 2019!

As we’ve said here before, if all these employees are “non-essential” then why the hell do we have them on the payroll?

Perhaps this is Trump’s master plan to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Just leave the government shut down and I guarantee Americans won’t miss a beat.

Hell, things will probably improve greatly without all the government interference in our lives and in the free market!

Careful what you wish for (Chuck, Nancy, government, Deep State… fill in the blank), you might just get it!

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A permanent shut down sounds REAL good to me!

Fire them all!

Do it like this:

TDC.jpgBut anyway, I digress.

Back to the topic at hand.

You can read the full Executive Order here.

Here's more, from the NY Post:

Adding insult to his furloughed employees’ injury, President Trump has ruled out pay raises for almost all federal workers in 2019.

An executive order issued late Friday froze pay at 2018 levels for 1.8 million feds, cancelling a 2.1 percent increase previously expected to take effect in January.

The order won’t affect members of the military, who are receiving a 2.6 percent bump that Congress passed in August.

The move, which Trump signaled in his budget proposal early this year, came in the midst of the government’s budget impasse—and “poured salt on the wounds of federal employees,” tweeted Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.).

Trump-Reagan.jpgAnd from the Washington Examiner:

President Trump issued an executive order late Friday freezing the pay of about 1.5 million federal employees next year. 

The order follows Trump indicating in August that he would block an automatic 2.1 percent raise for civilian workers who fall under the General Schedule remuneration system from taking effect in January pursuant to the Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act if Congress failed to agree on a measure by the end of the year. 

Military personnel, however, will earn a 2.6 percent boost in compensation in 2019 provided by the defense spending bill signed in August. 

Trump's move comes amid a partial government shutdown during which 800,000 of approximately 2.1 million federal workers have been furloughed or are being required to work without pay. 

But the president's executive action is reversible if the House and Senate can reconcile bills passed this year. While the House would prefer not to implement the raise, the Senate approved of a 1.9 percent average bump. A Democratic-led House, which will be seated on Jan. 3, may be more open to an increase. 

Regardless, Trump on Saturday touted the state of the U.S. economy, quoting Steve Moore, who co-wrote the 2018 Trumponomics book with Arthur Laffer, on social media. In the book, the pair defend the president's economic policy. 

Never one to miss a beat, Trump was quick to remind everyone on Twitter that he is very pro-worker (just not Swamp Workers):

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