Is This The Top News Story In 2018?

Love to get your thoughts....

As we look back at a wild year of news, we’re asking ourselves that was the top story of 2018?

We think the Kavanaugh appointment, together with the wild Senate testimony, Christine Blasey Ford, Michael Avenatti, Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, Sen. Collins and so much more combined to make it a strong contender for Story of the Year.

Plus, the lasting impact of Justice Kavanaugh will be felt on the Court for possibly decades to come!

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But there were many other big stories as well. 

Like….anyone remember Trump bringing PEACE to North Korea?

Yeah, that was in 2018.  


When you do something that merits a Nobel Peace Prize, it’s hard to argue that isn’t the story of the year, right?

But does it beat Kavanaugh’s appointment?

And so many other things happened as well!  

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So we want to hear from you too….

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