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TIME TO PRAY: Urgent President Trump Prayer Bulletin Issued

Just released....


Have you heard of Sadhu Sundar Singh?

If you judge a book by it’s cover, you might form some prejudices.  You might think he’s not Christian.  Or that he’s Muslim.  Or something else.

But he preaches a powerful Christian message.

Here’s his back story, from MorningStar Ministries:

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is a forerunner who has been graced to prepare the way of the Lord for His Second Coming. At 16, he experienced a supernatural encounter with the Living Christ. He has been preaching the Gospel and bringing the healing power of God since 1979 to more than 55 nations. His television network, Angel TV, currently reaches all the six continents with 12 channels in 8 different languages. Brother Sadhu, as he is affectionately called, is the author of 17 books. His life and ministry will provoke, encourage and teach you the fear of God and to walk intimately with Christ Jesus.

He’s frequently spoke about President Trump and his role in the end-times.

In fact, he was one of the first people to prophesy that President Trump would run for President and win…..before he even announced he was running.

He joins Mark Taylor in that regard.

Here is ONE video where Sadhu proclaims Trump will be the next President.  Look at the time stamps on the YouTube uploads, those can’t be faked.  He posted these before the election in August 2016


In November 2018, he recently released this new Urgent Prayer Bulletin message which is a must listen.

Here you go:

Here's a quick summary of the highlights.

He says he was given a vision where all the past Presidents were examined by God and only FOUR of them were found to be Godly Presidents.  

He doesn't know who the four were, but he believes Washington to be one.

Now for those of you who know about Washington's Masonic roots, that may be difficult to understand, and I agree.  But perhaps Washington repented in his later years and turned from his Free Masonic heritage.

Sadhu goes on to say God has given the USA a respite with Donald Trump.  A time of grace.  An opportunity to turn back to Him.

He says the USA has been blessed with a Godly President in Trump.  

He says Trump is indeed "Born Again".  Sadhu doesn't know if Trump is fully Spirit filled at this point, but he believes Trump to be a born again Christian always giving God pre-eminence in all things.  

Sadhu notes what we all know....from the time he was voted in, many people have attempted to remove Trump from office.  That's not new.  But it's intensifying.  

Thousands of Americans are praying for him round the clock.  For his safety and protection.

Just weeks ago, on November 13, Sadhu has a visitation from an angel.  

It was a warring class angel.  Like Michael.  Warrior class.  

The angel's message was this:

"I have been sent to tell you to warn the Christians in the U.S. to pray for their President.  He is in danger of being impeached and removed from office.  The risk has heightened because of Midterm elections.  Sinister forces working behind the veil.  Several judges, attorneys, senators, congressmen and even governors are working on this.  Just to get rid of one man.  This is not the plan of God for him to be removed.  God has given the U.S. at least 4 years of peace.  Two more years to go - at least.  It's unclear if Trump will be re-elected or not.  What's most important right now is finishing out 2018, 2019 and 2020.  If Trump is faithful to his call and Christians pray for him, he can be re-elected in 2020 for four more years.  


What a message!

What do  you think?

Is he right?

At the very end, he mentioned a book that he recommends.

You can get it here.


Two Bonus Messages:

RARE Trump Collector's Item:



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