DIRTY WORK: Norm Macdonald Rips Hillary Clinton

DIRTY WORK: Norm Macdonald Rips Hillary Clinton

The best standup comedian alive

We’ve covered Norm Macdonald here at WeLoveTrump before.  

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While comedy is subjective and everyone has their own opinion, I happen to believe Norm is one of the funniest people on the planet.

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He’s in the comedy Mt. Rushmore.  

But did you know he’s also a conservative?

That’s right.  Some of you may remember he used to appear on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News from time to time.  

He’s also good friends with Dennis Miller, another old Factor correspondent.  

In the cesspool of Hollywood, Norm is one of the rare conservatives.

But what makes comedians special is they can shine light on a topic like Hillary’s Corruption and do it in a way that is funny but also makes a point.

And Norm has been shining light on Hillary and Bill Clinton since the 90s!  

Watch this compilation of all the times Norm called out Hillary Clinton for being a “Dirty Liar”.


Here's a bonus clip where Norm gets real and sets the comedy aside for a bit (mostly) while he talks to Larry King:


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