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HOT WATER: Orcasio-Cortez Violated Senate Ethics Rules With Trump Jr. Threat?

That's a big oops!


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It turns out that threatening a private citizen with Senate subpoena power just because they disagreed with you on Twitter is a massive abuse of power….AND…..against Senate ethics rules.  

At least that’s what many are now alleging after Orcasio-Cortez posted this Tweet to Donald Trump, Jr:

And don't worry, in case she deletes that Tweet, we saved a screenshot:


Ocasio-Cortez later fired back with this beauty, apparently not remourseful at all about her message and doubling down:

But Twitter had a field day with this one, quickly pointing out that it appears Orcasio-Cortez had violted Senate ethics rules.

And her attempt to "save" the Tweet with the follow up explanation makes no sense....

If she's claiming she doens't have subpoena power, than what was she trying to say in that first threatening Tweet?  

Logic fail!

Take a look at the Twitter reaction from some great Americans:


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