Caught On Camera: You’ll Never Guess What This FedEx Driver Did!

Maybe not what you think!


Once a Marine, always a Marine.

A heartwarming story is spreading across the Internet, as a Nest camera caught something pretty awesome on camera.

It’s titled:

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AMERICAN RESPECT: A U.S. Marine that now drives a FedEx truck stopped and took the time to fold an American flag after winds knocked it over outside a Maryland home.

After seeing so many stories of cameras catching package thieves, it warmed my heart to finally see a great story like this!



Here's a backup version:

What would you have done?

Would you have stopped?

Would you have picked it up?

Would you have folded it?

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I'm sure this guy was on a tight schedule, and it's awesome he took the time to do this!

🇺🇸  God bless America!  🇺🇸


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