Melania Trump Decorates The "People's White House" Beautifully For Christmas!

Melania Trump Decorates The “People’s White House” Beautifully For Christmas!

Incredible job by our First Lady!

Our First Lady is usually associated with the word “beautiful” but today she took it to a whole other level.

Melania took responsibility for decorating the White House for Christmas (or as she and President Trump call it, the “People’s House”) and she truly outdid herself!

We’re talking stunning bright reds and beautiful Christmas tinsel and so much more!

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Take a look:

And video:


Here are larger views of the pictures:





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Sadly, the haters were out in full force:

We Love You Melania!

We've got your back Melania....

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The decorations are stunningly beautiful, and you did an amazing job!

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Thank you!


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