Is This More Evidence Of Google Bias?



I saw on social media that the early voting was strongly favoring the Republicans, so I wanted to go online and research the issue for myself.

So I went to Google and typed this in:


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Most people are familiar with how Google works, but for those that aren’t you can see I typed in “early voting in florida favors” and then Google pre-filled in”democrats”.  

And that was the ONLY option pre-filled by Google.

That would be one thing if the news was actually saying the Democrats were leading in Florida.

Except, they aren’t.

The news is actually that early voting is strongly favoring the GOP, see below:

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So the predictive search couldn’t be based on actual news or actual articles publishes, and it looks more like it is more pre-programmed Google bias showing through.


What do YOU think?

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Is there an explanation for why this would come up?

Test it out in YOUR browser, do you get the same results?

Love to read all the comments on this one, please comment below.

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