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Trump’s Rally Outdraws Biden By Many, Many Times! Pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


We haven’t been able to find any official numbers for the crowd size of Trump’s Rally in Elko, Nevada  vs. Joe Biden’s Rally in Las Vegas, but here’s what we know so far…

President Trump claims that his Rally was so big that 6,700 people were in overflow, unable to even get in!  That means probably at least that many or more were inside.

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He also claims that Joe Biden had 193 people at his rally.  Whether that’s exact or an exaggeration to make a point is not clear, but we do have pictures.

So we’ll just let you take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself who drew more people!

Also remember that what Trump has done here is in the relatively small town of Elko, while Biden when to the metropolis of Vegas, with many thousands of more people in its MSA. 

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Take a look:

Breitbart also covered  the story:

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden both campaigned in Nevada on Saturday, but it was clear that Trump bested the former vice president in crowd size.

“By the way, Joe Biden is in Las Vegas,” Trump said, during a rally in Elko, Nevada. “Sleepy Joe Biden, we call him ‘One Percent Joe.'”

Trump noted that despite repeatedly running for president, Biden never got more than one percent support in the polls.

“She said ‘Creepy Joe,'” Trump said, pointing her out in the crowd. “No, I would never do that, I would never insult him like that.” The “Creepy Joe Biden” nickname grew among Trump supporters, based off of pictures of the former Vice President’s habitual holding and touching women and girls during political events.

Trump said that Biden only had 193 people at his campaign rally in Las Vegas.

“We love Elko, but in all fairness, it’s easier to draw a crowd in Las Vegas,” Trump said.

Trump claimed there were 6-7,000 people who couldn’t get into his rally in Elko.

He said Republicans were going to win big in the 2018 midterm elections.

“The Blue Wave is rapidly being shattered,” Trump said. “Not looking like a blue wave.”

When Trump asked supporters which nickname they preferred, one woman in the crowd shouted “Creepy Joe!”

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