WATCH: Brett Kavanaugh THANKS President Trump In Heartfelt Speech!


This one was a long time coming.

When the President of the United States appoints you to the Supreme Court, it’s big enough.

When he stands by your side with unwavering support amidst the DemocRAT smear campaign, it touches you deep within.

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Today, Brett Kavanaugh finally got to publicly thank our great President. 

Take a look:


Mr. President, thank you for the great honor of appointing me to serve as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

I've seen firsthand your deep appreciation for the vital role of the American judiciary.

I am grateful for your steadfast, unwavering support throughout this process.

And I am grateful to you and Mrs. Trump for the exceptional courtesy you have extended to my family and to me.  

Mr. President, thank you for everything.

Trump Responds:

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