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The Truth Behind the “Big Switch” MYTH!

Kirk is awesome!


Let me ask you a question:  

what do you do if you’re a Democrat and one of the most popular political figures ever — Abraham Lincoln — frees the slaves and is a famous Republican?

You have to come up with a story about the “Big Switch”.

If you’ve ever studied politics, even just a little bit, you’re told early on that the current political parties (the Republicans and the Democrats) once switched sides.

The claim is that Republicans and Democrats used to hold opposite values, but they switched at some point.

When and how the parties switched is always very vague, and different DemocRATS have different theories.  They’re light on details and facts and long on story.


The key being they need to claim that the current Republicans did not free the slaves and in fact were pro-slavery.

But…..too bad for the DemocRATS,  Charlie Kirk, just destroyed that myth!

And we want to share it with you!

So the next time you hear someone quote this bogus claim, show them this video below.

From Charlie Kirk’s Facebook page:

The “Big Switch” is another LIE from the Left to cover up their long history of racism and bigotry. The parties NEVER switched!

Every American NEEDS to know the truth!


For more backup, see this Top Rated answer, from Quora:

From the research that I've done, no. There was no “big” switch, but a changing of party values and platforms over a period of decades.

Blame TeddyRoosevelt. If he were running today, it would be as a Libertarian or a Democrat. He wanted to pull the Republican party platform to the more moderate center, from their roots as an abolitionist centered organization.

Blame FDR. He first broke the DNC from their bigoted heritage and believed that the Democrats needed to help instead of hinder their fellow human.

Blame Johnson. He pissed off many of the Southern Dixiecrats by pushing JFK’s legislation in the wake of the assassination. Many Dixiecrats thought that Johnson would squash the liberal northern ideas JFK ran under.

Blame Goldwater. He felt that by swinging into the GOP after years of defeats by Democrats, he could win solely by the votes of disenfranchised Dixiecrats. You might say that this was the point of the “big switch”, but if it was, Goldwater would've been POTUS.

Nixon. Well… if you've ever heard even a little bit of his tapes, you would know that by the time Nixon was president, the “switch” was almost complete. For being a Quaker, Nixon was not so “Friend”ly.

So, the “big switch” is not supported by research, but there were small switches over decades. Clinton was probably the last of the “good old boy” Dixiecrats, and his presidency moved from center to the left as he continued through his two terms.

By the way, most of my research on the switch came from the Library of Congress website and Presidential Libraries. If you go back further than TR, you can see a schism in the DNC as far back as Jackson. President Andrew Johnson, who became president when Lincoln was assassinated, was from East Tennessee, which was pro-Union and anti-succession before, during, and after the Civil War, so, you could say that the switch started with the first volley of the Civil War.

And this, from a great article at

What is The Cause of the So Called Switch?

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Many people who claim racist Democrats switched parties to become racist Republicans believe the change happened during the Civil Rights act under President Lyndon B Johnson. 15 But this is simply not the case. We see no change in the parties during this time.

Martin Luther King Jr., for example, was fighting in the civil rights movement AFTER the laws under LBJ, and he encouraged blacks to support the Republican Party because it was the party of equality. And significantly it was Republicans in Congress, not Democrats, who authored and managed to pass the civil rights laws that LBJ signed. 16

The Bottom-Line

The point of the video was not to indicate that there are no racists in the Republican Party. We can easily acknowledge that racism is part of a sinful human nature and not limited to political parties. However, the Republican Party was not and is not the “Party” of racism.

Actual facts disprove the often repeated and ridiculous defense of Democrat apologists. The Republicans certainly have their own baggage, but these claims are not part of it.

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