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Watch: Bill Nye The “Science” Guy Can’t Answer Tucker’s Questions On Climate Change!

If it's proven science, why can't he answer?


The Far Left loves to claim that so many things are “settled science” when in fact they really aren’t.  

From AllAboutScience:

Empirical science entails a systematic approach to epistemology that uses observable, testable, repeatable, and falsifiable experimentation to understand how nature commonly behaves. 

In other words, something can only be “proven by science” when it’s observable, testable and repeatable!  You have an idea, you test it out, and when you test it over and over and over, you keep getting the same result!

The funny thing is, these Lefties keep saying things are “settled science” when in fact they’re not!  Like evolution.  Like climate change.  

Those all fall under science theory.  

But try as we might, we’ve NEVER been able to observe, test and repeat evolution.  Never.  And we’ve tried.  In tests with fruit flies, scientists have worked with hundreds of thousands of generations (due to their short life span) trying to create even the most micro evolution of a fruit fly into something else.  Hasn’t ever happened.  

Same with climate change.  It’s a theory, made popular by Al Gore, but there is testable, observable and repeatable data behind it.

If there were, “The Science Guy” would be able to answer Tucker’s questions.  But he can’t.  Take a look below.

From Charlie Kirk’s Facebook page:

THROWBACK! Watch Bill Nye the Fake Science Guy get OWNED by Tucker Carlson!

How can it be irrelevant how fast humans cause climate change while, at the same time, globalists spread the myth that humans are the sole reason for “global warming”? 🤔



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