Creepy Similarity Between Obama Portrait and N. Korean Dictators!

This is not just a coincidence


They say art is subjective.  Just like comedy is subjective.  

I don’t really agree with either of those statements.  I think you know good art when you see it.  And you know crap when you see it.  Just like something is either funny or it’s not.

But I’m not here to debate whether the Obama portraits are good art or bad art (the internet has already made that decision and mostly decided they are 💩).

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But I’m here to talk about why the Obama portraits look so much like the portraits of North Korean dictators.

Yup, take a look:

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Hard to deny, isn't it?  


Speaking of things the portrait looks like (or doesn't look like), let's play a game.  It's called "Spot the Fake President".  


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