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Tim Allen Is Headed to the Big Screen to Take On Liberal Hollywood!


Famous funny man Tim “The Toolman” Taylor…..oops, sorry, Tim Allen…..has been away from the Silver Screen for a while and off television since his top rated TV show was cancelled last year.  

Last Man Standing was Allen’s hit TV show, pulling in Top 3 ratings week after week.  The show had massive appeal among conservative audiences, with ratings growing week after week.  Despite the numbers, it was a faith-based show and conservative show, and Hollywood wouldn’t allow it.  They canceled it at it’s peak.  

Allen has recently come to be known for his views on faith, politics, and Donald Trump. All of which were most definitely not in line with the Hollywood mantra.

But Allen is not staying down.  This fall, he’s joining fellow comedian Adam Corolla and conservative radio host Dennis Prager in the docudrama No Safe Spaces.  The film will cover the leftist attacks on free speech on college campuses and in Hollywood.

I can’t wait!

Here are more details, from AVClub:

Ballsiest motherfucker in the room Tim Allen just decided he’s had enough of this pantywaist culture of people trying to keep him from saying “eughhueghghuehgh!” in an appropriately edgy tone. Consider this the official notice you’ve been put on blast, WORLD. 

According to The New York Post, who probably kept this news under wraps for as long as it could, knowing the story’s potential to rip a hole in the very fabric of our suffocatingly anti-free-speech society, the comedian has joined the cast of a new docudrama made with the explicit purpose of criticizing what it considers the liberal and politically correct culture in “Hollywood, on college campuses, and in comedy.” You know, the places where real change happens. And though it doesn’t directly say so, we can only assume this movie is going to be the most dangerous fucking thing to happen to America since we learned God’s not dead, he’s still alive

The film—titled No Safe Spaces, because rape victims need to learn to take a fucking joke, am I right, people—is being made by conservative radio host Dennis Prager and sort-of comedian Adam Carolla, who are worried about the chilling effect they say is being created by media, campuses, and the entertainment industry silencing controversial points of view. “Nothing kills comedy quite like people who are constantly offended,” Carolla says, which is so goddamn true it’s almost shocking no one is permitted to articulate such a dangerously honest perspective in a major media outlet. “It’s impossible to be funny if we’re not allowed to poke fun at each other and that’s what’s happening with a new generation of people who seem to be offended for a living.” Unavailable for comment were the legions of people being paid a good salary to be offended professionally, likely because they were too busy being outraged and definitely not because they don’t fucking exist. 

Here’s a clip of the kind of bold truth-telling you’ll find in the movie, which is going to finally make people feel comfortable enough to start being a little racist in public, because that kind of honesty has really evaporated since Trump became president.

Who else is excited to go see this?

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