VIDEO: Michelle Obama Lies on Ellen About Trump Gift


Sometimes you just have to shake your head.  

Why would someone concoct a weird story (that’s the nice way of saying “lie”) when there is video evidence you’re lying?

That’s what Michelle Obama did when she visited Ellen.  Ellen asked Michelle about the gift the Trumps brought on Inauguration Day.  

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Ellen asked why it seemed to awkward.  

Michelle said it was essentially because it was against protocol and had never been done before.

Except…..there is a video of Michelle herself handing Laura Bush a gift back in 2009.  

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Take a look:

‼️VIDEO‼️Michelle, why lie when there’s video. Just because you’re a clumsy awkward person don’t blame someone else for doing exactly what you did 8 years prior. Included is the 2009 video showing Michelle giving Mrs. Bush a gift.

Posted by The Red Right And You on Friday, February 2, 2018

Why lie Michelle?

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