The House Intelligence Committee Just Opened An Investigation Into the FBI and DOJ!


It’s ALL breaking wide open!

Just like we told you, 2018 would be the year everything broke open and justice started to prevail.  

Five minutes ago we told you about the vote to #ReleaseTheMemo.  It’s coming out, no stopping it!

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Now we have more breaking news, potentially even bigger.  The House Intelligence Committee has just opened an investigation into the (corrupt) FBI and DOJ!

President Trump has been fighting a Deep State coup with Obama holdovers in the FBI and DOJ.  Trump has been wiretapped and worse.  

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But now, the tide is starting to turn.  The strong arm of the law is finally turning on these Crooked Politicians and they’re going DOWN!  Mark my words.

Take a look:

Who else is excited?!?

Oh baby!

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