Dave Ramsey on How Trump's Tax Bill Affects YOU! (Hint: It's Good)

Dave Ramsey on How Trump’s Tax Bill Affects YOU! (Hint: It’s Good)

Thousands, maybe millions, of people go to Dave Ramsey for their financial advice for one reason:  he cuts through all the crap and makes things really simple.

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That, and he’s smart.  Really smart.

So when Dave Ramsey made a video giving his opinion about the Trump tax cuts, I had to take a look at it for myself.  And I was very happy with what I saw.  The video is only 9 minutes and well worth watching, but if you want the short summary it’s this:  the tax cuts are good, and they will rocket boost the economy. 

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Take a look:

The New Tax Bill: How It Affects YOU

Everybody has an opinion on this one. Here's how the new tax bill will end up affecting YOU.Make sure your taxes are done RIGHT this year with the help of our trusted pros: https://goo.gl/1YcPDQ

Posted by Dave Ramsey on Saturday, January 20, 2018

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