BREAKING: Mitch McConnell Beats Democrats Over Head With Newspaper On Senate Floor

Score one for the Tortoise!


Mitch McConnell has heard all of your criticism over the years. 

“Old buzzard.” “Tortoise-lookin’ dude.” “RINO.” 

Heck, if he keeps going he’ll be every animal at the zoo.

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But you have to give the Senate Majority Leader credit for standing up to Democrats on the Senate floor on Saturday evening. 

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During a Chuck Schumer filibuster designed to keep the government shut down, McConnell wrestled a chance to speak and brought with him headlines from the New York Times and the Associated Press.


Both headlines emphasized that Democrats, not Republicans, were responsible for blocking the resolution and allowing the government to shut down. 

McConnell read each headline slowly and carefully, then joked that the AP and other mainstream newspapers had finally “pinned the tail on the donkey.”

The donkey, of course, refers to the DNC party logo. 

Democrats took a massive hit in “generic” polling for the 2018 midterms just as the party’s senators chose to shut down the government. 

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