BREAKING: Possible Assassination Attempt On Man Investigating Seth Rich Murder

BREAKING: Possible Assassination Attempt On Man Investigating Seth Rich Murder

Call it conspiracy, call it common sense. Anyone who knows anything seems to be lucky to get away with their life.

A conservative lobbyist seeking clues as to whether the DNC had anything to do with the death of Seth Rich faced a mortal assault on Tuesday, getting pepper-sprayed and beaten.

Arlington police have not identified who attacked Jack Burkman, who once offered a $130,000 reward for information on the mysterious murder of the DNC staffer.

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More from Daily Caller:

Burkman told WaPo he was returning from the grocery store when a man wearing a ski mask jumped out of a black SUV, sprayed him in the face with what appeared to be pepper spray, and hit him the head before speeding away. 

He added that he thought “the end is coming,” when he spotted the man coming up his driveway, and said the attack “seemed professional,” though he had trouble pinning down who exactly might have cause to attack him.

Burkman drew the ire of many in the capital by fanning Seth Rich conspiracy theories and giving them a platform on a website he created for that purpose shortly after the young staffer’s death. 

But the attack may have been motivated by more recent developments.

Trump campaign official Rick Gates, who is under investigation for fraud and conspiracy due to his overseas lobbying activity, recently appeared in a video shown at a fundraiser that Burkman organized to raise money for his legal defense. 

Gates was chastised during a recent court appearance for appearing the video as it appears to violate his gag order.

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Hmm. Sounds like Antifa to us. 

But we’re thinking the Democrats might have one or two Antifa members on payroll. 

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