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Ronald Reagan’s Son Makes Epic Statement, Says Biased Elites Rigged Entire Trump Narrative

Michael Reagan mentions a shocking double-standard that you almost never hear about in the media...not even Fox News!


Ronald Reagan’s son Michael is a neoconservative editorial writer and not always a big fan of populist Republicans like President Trump. 

But he says Trump has a point about the Swamp being aligned against the POTUS. 

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For instance, Reagan writes in Newsmax, Clinton donors and lackeys tried to spend $750,000 to bribe a woman to make up a sexual assault about Trump before the election.

It’s reported news, not an opinion! But you never hear anything about it. 

More from Reagan in Newsmax:

Another woman who told her story to The Hill went back and forth — is it sexist to call it playing hard-to-get? — with Bloom over a period of weeks.

Bloom’s final offer to her from public spirited citizens who just happen to want Hillary to win was an eye-popping $750,000. The woman turned her down.

The lesson for us here is not negotiate harder when you’re trying to sell a story to a publicity-mongering lawyer. The lesson is this is just another example of the opposition media’s double standard for reporting the news.

Had the situation been reversed, and it was Republicans paying women to accuse Hillary of say forcing them to handwash her pantsuits, the uproar would have been immediate. The opposition media would have relentless in its pursuit of the donor’s names. Disbarment procedures no doubt would have been instituted against the lawyer. And the controversy would have been kept boiling for weeks.

None of that happened here, which should tell you Trump may have something when he says the system is rigged against him.

We don’t need all conservatives to “hop on the Trump Train” for the President to be reelected in 2020. 

But we do need all conservatives to be reasonable and not swallow a fake narrative. 

It’s getting better all the time! 


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