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FREEZING OVER: Ivy League Scientists Admit HUGE FLAW In Climate Change Science!

Scientists at Princeton skeptical of climate change science and global warming doom-sayers are risking the wrath of liberals with a shocking statement.


Inflated sun-power measurements by liberal “global warming” proponents could be caused by a simple error in reasoning.

That’s according to Princeton…not exactly known as a bastion of skeptical conservative thought. 

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Nevertheless, the Ivy League researchers are convinced that mainstream climate science is suffering from a major defect…a failure to properly factor-in clouds. 

More from Daily Caller:

“It’s important to get the right result for the right reason,” co-author Amilcare Porporato, a professor of environmental engineering at the Princeton Environmental Institute, told Nature Communications. While the findings do not invalidate projections outright, he added, they do toss a wrench in modern methods scientists use to determine future land temperatures.

“These errors can trickle down into other changes, such as projecting fewer and weaker storms,” he said. “We hope that our results are useful for improving how clouds are modeled, which would improve the calibration of climate models and make the results much more reliable.”

Porporato’s research found that inaccurately measuring cloud cycle results in the sun pounding the Earth with an extra 1-2 watts of energy per square meter. Scientists argue carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere through the last 100 years produced approximately an extra 3.7 watts of energy per square meter.

“The error here is half of that, so in that sense it becomes substantial,” said Porporato, who co-authored the study with Jun Yin, a postdoctoral research associate in civil and environmental engineering.

Unfortunately, for most climate scientists “the right result” means an exaggerated measurement of temperatures and CO2, and “the right reason” = putting Democrats back in power. 


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