BREAKING: Capital One, Wal Mart Announce Massive Raises And Bonuses Following Trump Tax Cut!

BREAKING: Capital One, Wal Mart Announce Massive Raises And Bonuses Following Trump Tax Cut!

Wal Mart made a gigantic splash on Thursday morning by promising all workers bonuses and a higher minimum wage. Now, it's Capital One's turn.

Following up on the good news out of Waltonville, Capital One announced on Thursday that its workers will receive a higher minimum wage of $15 an hour.

We would love to give you more details, but the media is ignoring the story! 

Gee. Wonder why. Could it be that the MSM ignores all good news so long as Trump is in office and boosting the economy? 

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Here’s a video-tweet from CNBC to prove that the wage raise is legit:

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...and some commentary from blogger Greg Michalowski:

"Capital One is reported to to be raising their minimum wage to $15/hour. Earlier today Walmart also said they would raise their minimum wage, give a bonus and also increase some benefits.  

They are the latest companies to announce either a bonus, higher wages or both from the tax reform act.  

That should increase the wage component of the employment report over time and increase spending in the economy.  

On the downside, Walmart said they were closing some of their Sam's Clubs Warehouse stores. Those stores compete with Costco, and the news has led to a near 2% rise in the value of their stock. I love Costco, shop there every week, but don't own their stock. What is wrong with me?"

Welcome to prosperty, America. 

(And welcome to Costco, Greg. We love you.)

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