BREAKING: Food Stamp Enrollment PLUMMETS By The MILLIONS Under President Trump

BREAKING: Food Stamp Enrollment PLUMMETS By The MILLIONS Under President Trump

Democrats and moderate Republicans have criticized Trump for wanting to reform welfare and the American safety net. But what if the need for a net is going away?

New data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture indicates that food stamp enrollment has dropped by 2 million people since President Trump took office. 

The number of people enrolled in SNAP, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance has lowered from 44+ million to just over 42 million in 2016.

Participation in the program is at its lowest level since 2010.

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More from Breitbart:

Food stamp enrollment steadily declined after 2013, when participation in the government program swelled to 47.6 million—the highest amount it has ever been since former President Lyndon Johnson authorized the creation of the food stamp program in 1964. Taxpayers spent $79.8 million on SNAP when enrollment reached its peak in 2013.

When the USDA began recording how much taxpayers spent on the food stamp program in 1969, taxpayers spent $250 million to subsidize the 2.8 million receiving benefits.

After 2013, enrollment in SNAP declined as states passed laws requiring food stamp recipients to work, volunteer, be in school, or take part in job training for a set number of hours a week to receive food stamps. The improving economy also contributed to the continuing decline in food stamp usage.

President Trump has mentioned that he wanted to make it a priority to keep SNAP program costs down at the state and federal levels, which might drive down enrollment even further in 2018.

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How about we keep replacing “stamps, stamps, stamps” with “Jobs, Jobs, JOBS!” 

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