VIDEO: Celebrate The New Year With Ben Shapiro's Epic Rant Against The United Nations

VIDEO: Celebrate The New Year With Ben Shapiro’s Epic Rant Against The United Nations

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro was not a Trump fan during the 2016 election. Trump and ambassador Nikki Haley's brave stance against the U.N. changed his mind.

It’s easy to forget things over the holidays. So many people to see, places to go…and a whole lot of “ceremonial” politics to cover. 

If we didn’t show President Trump in front of the Christmas tree, talking to children, then WLT would be against the holiday spirit.

If we didn’t cover Melania Trump’s blazing holiday selfie, we’d be un-American! 

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But lost in such – ahem – distractions as Melania in a santa cap, it’s easy to miss some of the better commentary from the holiday season.

After all, Trump has been winning. The past 1-2 months have been a time of major break-throughs for the President and it’s a wonderful time to hear liberal tears and right-wing cheers.

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Ben Shapiro, a popular conservative spokesman, launched a holiday tirade on the United Nations following Nikki Haley telling the U.N. to “pound sand” (his words) after the body condemned President Trump’s move to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Shapiro makes great points about the United Nations’ corruption and pro-Muslim bias thoughout the clip. 

But the highlight is right at the start, when he calls the U.N. Security Council the biggest den of “scum and villainy” the word has ever known:

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