Obama Thought He Punked Out Trump, Wakes Up To SHOCKING New Poll Numbers!

Barack Obama won an award as "most admired man" this week, but a new Presidential approval poll in Rasmussen suddenly put the entire year in perspective.


Rasmussen reports (excuse the pun) that Trump has ended his first year in office on par with his predecessor Barack Obama.

Poll numbers released on Thursday put The Donald at a 46 percent approval rating and a 53 percent disapproval rating.

The media doesn’t like to mention approval ratings for Obama’s first term, because it wouldn’t fit their narrative about how Trump’s support is falling. 

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In reality, the President’s approval numbers are following a familiar pattern…and now slowly moving up just as Obama’s did. 

More from Daily Caller:

On the same date at the end of Obama’s first year in office — December 28, 2009 — Obama was sitting at a 47 percent approval rate and a 52 percent disapproval rate. Just one day later, on December 29, Obama’s approval rating dropped to 46 percent.

Tracking approval ratings from their inaugurations, Obama had a much longer way to fall to get to his end-of-year approval rating.

On his inauguration day, January 20, 2009, Obama enjoyed 67 percent approval and just 32 percent disapproval. Meanwhile, Rasmussen marked Trump with 56 percent approval and 44 percent disapproval when he was sworn into office on January 20, 2017.

Presidential approval ratings are generally high during inaugurations, and Trump only topped his on January 26, 2017, when he hit 59 percent approval. Obama was never able to beat his inauguration approval rating during the first year of his presidency.

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Can you imagine what Trump’s approval rating would be if he were being praised by the media, as Obama was? 

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