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WATCH: Vanity Fair DESTROYS Hillary Clinton In Funny Video As Liberals Erupt In Civil War!

The liberals at Vanity Fair have had enough of at least Clinton's wing of a corrupt Democratic Party. They did something about it. And hell broke loose.


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Social media erupted in a Democrati vs Democrat, Liberal vs Liberal civil war on Wednesday over a short Vanity Fair video called “6 New Year’s Resolutions for Hillary Clinton.”

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In the viral clip, the journalists tell Hillary to drop her obsession with losing in 2016, and ask her to please, please do anything BUT run for President again.

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They also tell a lot of jokes that are surprisingly good, since unlike a lot of uppity left-wing folks, the Vanity Fair crew keeps it to things we can all agree on. Like Hillary. 

The video, and some of the explosive social media anger below:

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