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GOP Representative Says Robert Mueller Is On Personal Mission To Destroy President Trump!

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas is convinced that Mueller has a deadly bias.


Gohmert said on Tuesday.that special counsel Robert Mueller is out for the scalp of Donald Trump.

“I have said since day one, since he was appointed, he is bad news,” Gohmert told Fox & Friends

“He is out for a scalp. He would love to get Trump’s scalp. He would love to be the hero of the left to take out Donald Trump and he will do everything he can to do that.”

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More from Newsmax:

Gohmert further accused Mueller, a longtime former director of the FBI, of not being the “upstanding, fair guy that people painted him as being.”

“He did more destruction to the FBI, weakened the FBI more so than J. Edgar Hoover or anybody ever did,” he continued. “He purged the training records of anything that offended radical Islamists. Weakened us of our ability to see, for example, the Boston bomber, they went out to talk to him, because of Mueller they didn’t know what to ask. He persistently shows disdain toward people who are very conservative. He’s a problem.”

And as a result, said Gohmert, he has “no faith in Mueller,” and hasn’t had faith in him since the first day he was named special counsel.

Further, said Gohmert, Mueller won’t be deterred with people “falling around him” such as FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who reportedly is planning to retire next spring.

“He wants a scalp and he would love to get POTUS,” said Gohmert.

We’ll disagree with only one thing Gohmert said, that Mueller is a secret Leftist. Mueller is worse than just a liberal. He is pro-establishment and loyal to the Deep State. 

The establishment hates any politician who can’t be controlled, and hates Donald Trump most of all. That makes Trump a prime target for a “soft coup” attempt taking place before our eyes. 

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