Do You See Why CNN Freaked Out About This Photo?

Do You See Why CNN Freaked Out About This Photo?

CNN’s Jake Tapper went into full blown snowflake meltdown mode over the Christmas break.

Or is that 2-year old tantrum mode?

Either way, he embarassed himself yet again when it cried crocodile tears over this Tweeted image of President Trump:


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What's the big deal you ask?

Well, this tweet was originally sent by Twitter user @oregon4TRUMP.  President Trump saw it and retweeted it.  Very cool, I can't even imagine having one of my tweets retweeted by our POTUS!

But what has CNN all up in arms is what's on the bottom of Donald's shoe.  

Yes, that's right, it's a bloody CNN logo, as if President Trump had squashed CNN like the filthy bug they are!  



Jakey cried some big tears when he realized he was the bug that got smushed by the #TrumpTrain!

Which lead to this exchange:

Zoom In:

In case you couldn't see from the original photo, this Twitter user did a zoom in for you.

So....let's hear ya!

Is Jakey being a whiney little baby?  

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Is this funny?

Is CNN losing big league?

Or is it over the line?

Will CNN survive 8 years of Trump?  Or will they end up like this bloody, squished bug, an afterthought mess on the bottom of Trump's shoe?

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