BREAKING: Julian Assange DISAPPEARS Amid Rumors Of Evidence Hillary Clinton Murdered Seth Rich!

The controversial WikiLeaks chief appeared to be banned by Twitter after posting a video about Hillary Clinton's ties to the murder of Seth Rich.

Julian Assange has never confirmed nor denied publicly that Seth Rich was the “deep throat” behind the DNC/John Podesta email link. 

On Christmas, there appeared to be unmistakable evidence that Assange is under U.S. military surveillance and may even be the subject of a coordinated attack courtesy of Deep State intelligence and Big Tech.

Assange disappeared from Twitter just as the U.S. Navy sent out cryptic tweets about researching the Swede on the internet. 

Did somebody make a mistake while trying to hack his email? (scroll down for relevant tweets)

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The timing may not be a coincidence. Assange had tweeted out a video linking the death of Seth Rich to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, which his reaction to seemed to indicate that Wikileaks could possess a smoking gun. 

Assange appears to have regained at least partial access to social media, Assange returned to Twitter with a limited account of only 1000 followers and tweeted out an image of Santa Claus. 

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