The King of the Jungle….Donald Trump Lies in Wait


I just watching this video and it’s so good!

All I could think about was how perfectly this explains Donald Trump’s first year in office.

It’s almost like Trump has just been waiting, flicking off the hyenas with his tail, but soon he will pounce.  

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Same for Sessions.

Trump hasn’t gone after Hillary….yet.  But I believe the time is coming.

I believe Trump and his team are working incredibly diligently behind the scenes, laying the trap, gathering evidence, in one day soon I believe you’ll see Donald Trump The Lion attack.  And it will be glorious.  All the hyenas will go down in one fell swoop.

Trump knows if he’s going to strike he can’t miss.  He gets one shot.  And he’s waiting until it’s perfect.

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Do you agree?

Watch and then comment below.  

The King of the Jungle

Which made me think of this video.  

I think you'll like it:

Donald Trump....The Lion

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