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TRIGGERED: 100 Everyday Things That Were Called RACIST By Liberals In 2017

Tucker Carlson of Fox News has compiled a list of 100 perfectly harmless things deemed to be racist by Democrats and Social Justice Warriors over the past year.


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We don’t have time to go over the entire list, but our favorites include:

Milk – Yes, milk is now considered a “racist” symbol of the “alt-right.” 

Atheism – Bill Maher and Sam Harris are responsible for this one, accused of racism for their realist points of view on Islam. 

Lower taxes – Of course it’s “racist” when the government can’t take all of the private-sector money out of Detroit and Baltimore! 

The NBA Draft – (“If a player is called “athletic,” that means he’s black and the sports writer is a racist…according to the New York Daily News.) 

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Here’s a few more from Tucker’s list…

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