HELL FREEZES: CNN's Jake Tapper Stands Up For President Trump Against The United Nations!

HELL FREEZES: CNN’s Jake Tapper Stands Up For President Trump Against The United Nations!

A journalist sticking up for the President against pro-terror regimes doesn't seem like it would be an uncommon thing. But for CNN, it's a big deal.

If President Trump saved a kitty cat on national television, CNN – also known as the Clinton News Network – would say it’s proof that he hates poor little mice. 

But apparently, even CNN’s Jake Tapper knows globalist BS when he hears it. 

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In a striking video segment, Tapper excoriates the anti-Israel factions of the United Nations that voted to reprimand the United States after Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. 

It’s total hypocrisy for countries like Turkey to lecture the U.S. or Israel on human rights, says Tapper. 

Scroll down for video! 

Meanwhile, more from Townhall:

CNN’s Jake Tapper has not hidden his doubts over how the embassy move in Israel would encourage stability in the region, judging by his testy questioning of U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley earlier this month. Yet, he did not let that stop him from making some important observations about the UN vote Thursday and, in turn, its sheer hypocrisy. After all, don’t several of those member nations have some “questionable records?”

A representative from Venezuela, for example, said, “the U.S. is imperiling global peace” with the embassy decision.

Tapper was stunned that a representative from a country in a humanitarian disaster could dare to lecture the U.S.

“With violence in the streets, an economy in complete collapse, citizens malnourished, dying children being turned away from hospitals, starving families joining street gangs to scramble for food,” Tapper explained, while showing footage of Venezuelan violence.

On what “moral platform” do these governments stand today?

Pretty rocky ones.

Syria, a country in its seventh year of civil war, had the audacity to give the U.S. an earful despite reports that President Bashar al-Assad has used deadly chemical weapons against his own citizens, Tapper reminded his viewers.

Joining this group of lecturers were the likes of Yemen, which has 7 million citizens on the brink of starvation, North Korea, Myanmar, Turkey and China – all of which don’t exactly have stellar human rights records.

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